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Part of a successful university education is being able to build lifelong connections and ties based on a shared experience. Over the past few years, the impacts and restrictions brought on by COVID has highlighted that human connections continue to be important and underscores all manners of relationships. 

To this end, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School has begun activities to kickstart a new era in a Post-Covid world by capitalising on its enormous alumni network to bring people together face to face and allow human connections to flourish again. 

With an alumni community comprising more than 40,000 members in 49 locations, the School has one of the largest business school alumni networks in Hong Kong. 

To celebrate its 60th Anniversary, the School recently hosted a reception event to bring together its illustrious business school network. The event saw close to 200 distinguished alumni guest attendees who included prominent leaders from the private, public and social sectors like Hong Kong’s Financial Secretary Mr Paul Chan Mo-po, Albert Wong, CEO of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks and Peter Yan, Chief Executive Officer of the Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited. 

“Together, we celebrated the impact we have orchestrated in business and beyond, extending our gratitude to everyone who has made this legacy possible,” said Prof. Lin Zhou, the Dean of CUHK Business School. “In the past six decades, we have unleashed the potential of our business leaders, who are now shining in their own fields and shaping the future of business.”
Indeed, a lot of their successes can be contributed to the connections that were made through the alumni network. The School’s enormous alumni community has been nurtured and grown with the support of more than 20 alumni associations and chapters from different programmes and locations around the world. With plenty of alumni donning extraordinary…

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