Most people can tweet again, but Twitter still has issues

Twitter appears to be recovering from having technical issues that prevented people from tweeting, though problems with DMs, and accessing TweetDeck are still seemingly persisting. Downdetector reports that the problems started around 4:30PM ET, and the unfettered ability to tweet came back around an hour and a half later.

Tweets were visible during the partial outage, but several Verge staff members got a message saying that they were “over the daily limit for sending Tweets” when trying to post or retweet someone else’s post. Some Twitter users said were able to work around the error by scheduling tweets in the future.

There are still some issues with the service. I’m currently unable to load DMs or use TweetDeck. Going to shows a log-in button (it shouldn’t, given that we’re already logged in on Twitter), and clicking on it just blanks out the screen before refreshing the page.

It’s currently unclear what caused the issues, but Twitter’s likely gearing up for a big change. Last week, the company announced that it’d mostly be turning off free access for its API starting tomorrow, and making changes to a core system could have unintended consequences.

We’d reach out to Twitter for comment, but the company no longer has a communications department that responds to inquiries. Neither Twitter Support nor Elon Musk has posted anything addressing the issue — perhaps they’re trying but are getting error messages, too.

Update Wednesday February 8th, 6:27PM ET: Updated to reflect that you can once again send tweets.

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