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نائين اليون حملوں کو اکيس برس بيت گئے

نائن اليون حملوں کو اکيس برس بيت گئے، گیارہ ستمبر دو ہزار ايک ميں امریکا کے شہر نیویارک میں دہشت گردی کی وہ کارروائی ہوئی تھی جس نے دنیا کا منظر نامہ بدل کر رکھ دیا۔ گيارہ ستمبر دو ہزار ايک وہ منگل کا دن تھا جب خودکش حملہ آوروں …

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Pentagon says Russian attack shows need for US to safeguard Indo-Pacific

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine underscores the need to increase US military vigilance in the Indo-Pacific given the risk that Beijing might decide to attack Taiwan, top US defence officials told Congress on Wednesday.Lessons from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion include the need for Taiwan to bolster its own defence, the …

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Hypersonic missile failures a setback in US race to catch China and Russia

US efforts to catch up with China and Russia in developing hypersonic weapons may be set back after Lockheed Martin Corp.’s air-launched missile suffered three consecutive test failures that left it on a tight schedule.That has put in doubt the Pentagon’s goal to declare it America’s first combat-ready hypersonic weapon …

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