The opposition has set a wrong date for the long march: Sheikh Rasheed – SUCH TV

The Interior Minister of Pakistan Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad took a dig at the long march call of opposition coalition parties saying that PDM’s decision of mehgayi march on Pakistan Day is wrong therefore the date must be changed as routes to Islamabad will be closed before March 23.

Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed in a press conference in Islamabad said, “the opposition called for a long march on Pakistan Day as it is a national issue therefore I invite the opposition to think about it. Some routes in Islamabad will be closed because of 23rd March parade. The opposition has set a wrong date for the long march.”

Sheikh Rasheed said that in NA 133 by-election, PML-N candidate Shaista Pervez took only 10% of the votes. Maulana Fazl ur Rehman has ulterior motives and can be a good singer only.

While commenting on Sialkot lynching the Interior Minister said that Sialkot incident is a conspiracy to harm Pakistan from within, he assured the Sri Lankan Embassy of strict action in his statement.

Sheikh Rasheed further said that Imran Khan will be in a position to control inflation in 4 months, local government elections are also to be held in Punjab in 4 months.

Moreover, one year performance of government will be presented on December 14. Civil and military institutions are on one page and Imran Khan will complete the term, Interior Minister added.

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